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You're My Dream
This is easily one of the most emotional machinima videos I've ever seen. It skillfully tells a love story set in the apocalyptic world of Left 4 Dead, without using a single word of dialog.

The animation is excellent, which is necessary since the story relies on body language and facial expressions to convey the character's emotions and actions. It's not surprising that motion capture was used in order to output the realistic character movements.

To me, it almost felt like an episode of The Walking Dead, these characters could have easily been Glenn and Maggie instead of Ellis and Zoey, which is a good thing.

Official Description:
A short romantic and dramatic story how Ellis and Zoey (from Left 4 Dead) met. I've used iPi Soft 2.0 Standart Edition with 2 kinects + PS Move on my head for motion capture animations. Color correction, motion blur and some other features were made in Adobe After Effects CS6.

By GLS Machinima

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Reviewed by: Bendo
Went Live On: 2014-04-19

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