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Detective Nigbone: The Barnes Case
He gonna solve ALL da crimes! I'm not exaggerating when I say this is the funniest machinima I've ever seen. While I've seen some pretty close candidates, if I had to choose right now, this one would be it. The Detective Nigbone series is simply amazing in terms of writing and voice acting, the humor is superior to almost all of what the film industry can produce, and the animation is very janky, using every shortcut in the book for Garry's Mod. The sub-par animation quality I feel like in this case adds an extra charm to the whole thing as it sets this awkward but hilarious vibe that meshes well with the rest of the video's adult-oriented dialogue 

It's worth saying up front this video / series is not for everyone. It's as politically incorrect as it gets, full of slurs, stereotypes, and coarse language all round and will no doubt offend some people. On the flipside, if you like mostoffensivevideo.com or many Adult Swim cartoons, you'll likely feel right at home watching this. I personally feel like if you're going to make an offensive video, this is how you do it. You go so over the top that it goes beyond tasteless and transcends into trash talking brilliance. Well Detective Nigbone absolutely clears the "uncanny valley" of offensiveness and stands in a league of his own. 

Created by Detective Nigbone

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Reviewed by: Ross Scott
Went Live On: 2014-01-08

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