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Fight With Sound: Business Trip To Hell
A top notch surreal mystery full of intrigue. It reminds me of "Lost" in a good way. The writing, direction, and voice acting in this all rival or surpass that of a Hollywood production. The production quality is also extremely good, however my ONLY complaint about this is some of the shots have low framerates and / or jerky camera animation, which detracted a bit from the experience for me. Everything else about this I found superb.

I greatly enjoy videos that keep me wondering what's happening like this one. Without spoiling too much I should warn everyone that this video raises some questions it does not answer as this is the first part of a series that is currently on hold. So in that sense, this is almost something of a cruel tease. Regardless, I enjoyed it the whole way, and this absolutely pushes the limits of machinima making. 

Created by Daniel Schetter

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Reviewed by: Ross Scott
Went Live On: 2014-01-07

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