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Nigga Day
I wanted to dock this one and sort it to the "lolsorandom" bin, but it was executed so well, I made an exception to that rule.

The Good:
- The animation is solid with decent camera rigging.
- The writing is actually pretty good for a string of comedy skits, with recurring gags and character consistency.

The Bad:
- While the sound design works, the whole master track needed serious balancing. Voices were nearly incomprehensible with complimenting blast of sound effects. No clipping though, so  5 points there.
- Elmore Leonard said it best, "Cut out the boring parts." This could have left at-least 5 minutes of footage on the cutting floor.
- When writing dialogue, try to remove anything that doesn't add to the character, "So...." and such leaders are a perfect example.
- 9:03, I get what you were going for, but it doesn't fit in with the rest of the skit. Picking up actual car models in a suburban setting would have worked out better. The last bit of this just felt lazy.

Overall, a good watch!

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Reviewed by: The Britain
Went Live On: 2017-01-20

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