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Nigbone Episode 8 "Farewell to Nuts"
Look, if you've been on the mAchinima scene for any amount of time, you will know this is NSFW. Nigbone is at it again in episode 8, "Farewell to Nuts". The character development in this episode was surprising, as Nigbone's partner wasn't just a slapping post for off-the-wall humor. Is this mAchinima series maturing? Is that even possible?

Once again, fantastic VA work from DasBoSchitt and Nigbone (along with the rest of the cast, all great work). There were a couple of lines that needed cleaned up, and the lip-syncing had its moments. Overall, it doesn't detract from the series, and is a massive step up in production.

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Reviewed by: The Britain
Went Live On: 2016-01-30

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