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About Me

Found 22 results

  1. A crazy stupid, but fantastically produced series by Antoine Delak. I tacked on the short he made at the end.
  2. SFM Action/Comedy made by me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9bE1cyUFp4
  3. Yeah, this is a weird one, created by an0nymoose and submitted by @centersolace.
  4. This video is genius and really explains how the LOLSORANDOM TF2 videos are made in such abundance. Check out the description of Hypo's video here, for more information. Submitted by @centersolace.
  5. Another wonderful music video created by Harry101UK submitted by @centersolace.
  6. A brilliant parody of "This Is Halloween" with some fantastic animation made by Harry101UK and submitted by @centersolace.
  7. Wonderful voice acting, animation, and well composed. Submitted by @centersolace straight to the featured.
  8. A great horror film suggested by @QuakeIV. The production has good animation, well voiced characters, and a unique story. This had to take a ton of work to put together.
  9. This video was suggested by @centersolace. While I'm not a fan of default voice clips in machinima (they're a bit cringe) the animation sequence and story boarding for this skit is great and it has a surprising ending.
  10. If you like this animation created by GoogleyGareth, you should definitely check out the guy who wrote and voice acted it for his series Freeman's Mind on Accursed Farms.
  11. If you like this animated clip made by GoogleyGareth, you should check out the guy who wrote and voice the series Freeman's Mind on Accursed Farms.
  12. If you like this animated clip made by GoogleyGareth, you should check out the guy who wrote and voice the series Freeman's Mind on Accursed Farms.
  13. The Britain


    Submitted and created by our own @MajorJace I'm not sure what to make of this one, but now it's yours. Enjoy.
  14. This machinima was produced by the Team Fortress team, and features fantastic animation and voice acting. Submitted by @centersolace.
  15. An action short straight from the house of James McVinnie submitted by @centersolace,
  16. A brilliant animation created as a tribute to Ross Scott's amazing performance in Freeman's Mind.
  17. While the update was much maligned, the short itself was badass.
  18. A fantastic remake of the opening scene to Half Life. Great production quality and pretty damned engaging from Pinwheel Arts. I've included the other parts to the series with different names for brevity.
  19. Submitted by @Blue15bomber, created by Ross Scott of Accursed Farms: Originally released December 3, 2012. Short video about a man looking for gas and wishing that's all he found. Re-released with minor improvements added.
  20. Quote from Kliff Edge: Made this several months back, for my own channel. Was supposed to just be a April Fools thing but it got, delayed, out of control, wrote music for it, and I didn't know how to end it.Wasn't sure I wanted to post this, but again it's just for laughs...don't try to understand the video, there's nothing to learn, here."Violence doesn't solve anything except for everything that it does..." -an old Mandalorian proverb......I think
  21. This is a brilliant series from Nigbone. The animation improves quite allot throughout the series and the writing is spot-on. Definitely worth your time in this multi-part series.
  22. Another brilliant work from Nigbone. If you like this you should check out his Nigbone series.
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