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About Me

Found 10 results

  1. DamashiDX made a new video! This one's about Pizza. Sort of.
  2. In his latest video Eltorro64Rus goes to "Japan".
  3. Another STBlackST video. IDK I just think spy taking a bath in his suit is really funny for some reason.
  4. By STBlackST.
  5. Half spoof, half genuine tutorial, these guides to Team Defence Fort 2 will help you "git gud" in no time.
  6. The Britain

    Treat or Else

    One of DasBoSchitt's earlier works. While it treads the line of "lol so random" it does have historical value and decent production value.
  7. Submitted by @Blue15bomber: A parody of Robot Chicken, DasBoShchitt brings us another GMod miracle.
  8. DasBoSchitt's parody of YouTube and the many avenues it takes. If you haven't seen this series you're missing out. Our original machinima promo video included!
  9. Genre: Comedy The original Gmod Robot Chicken ripoff. The classic collection of sketch comedy gmod shorts. The one, the only, The Idiot Box. I'm surprised I haven't seen this one submitted yet.
  10. Genre: Comedy, Sci-FiCreator: Greatdictator One of my personal Favorites from Greatdictator, (a lot of his other videos are great, too). This is a fun, quick, retelling of the basic plot from one of the most memorable episodes from Star Trek: The Next Generation with the Characters from Team Fortress 2.
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