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About Me

  1. "GARBAGEMEN" - Comedy After many years of service producing PSAs, Marshall Brisport (Vasili) and Deputy Marshall Brimley (Troy) are finally given the task of running field operations under the US Marshals Service branch in Evo City. Along with their promotion comes with the task of finding new recruits to begin the next step in their careers. Directed & Edited by SatoshiAR: https://www.youtube.com/c/AnonymousReborn
  2. "ANTICITIZEN" - Sci-Fi/Thriller Isaac Conagher (Alec S.), a former robotics engineer is forced to flee the city following an accident involving the unintentional deaths of two Civil Protection officers. He discovers a note given to him the previous night from Ash (Kate K.), a lieutenant of the Resistance who recruits him for his skills in drone operation. With the assistance of his security guard friend, Frank (Johnathan T.), he attempts to rendezvous with the Resistance at the outskirts of town. Written, directed, shot, animated, and edited by SatoshiAR: https://www.youtube.com/c/AnonymousReborn
  3. Mighty Squids Series (playlist): The Jeffrey Channel's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvYdUUDUavn0d0R1JobUNKQ
  4. This is a serious gmod animation that follows a mentally disturbed man as he walks through his town that is completely dead and void of any human activity. The emptiness begins to haunt him, and his past catches up to him Heres the link:
  5. Hey guys! New to this website and i'd like to share with you a Garry's mod Machinima a friend and I created a long time ago that I've uploaded on my YT channel back then. Here's the link : https://youtu.be/lTEY5YaD9Bc I hope you guys like it ! Thank you all for your attenion :D
  6. First GMOD machinima I have made and the first in a series of semi-helpful videos depicting how to play FNAF AR. Please let me know how I can improve.
  7. Submitted by @Blue15bomber: A parody of Robot Chicken, DasBoShchitt brings us another GMod miracle.
  8. Most of Mr. o_O's (The creator of Pootis-Man, and Joker Spy) videos got taken down, but he's made his own website with all of them embedded here: https://mistermisteroo.ru
  9. A tribute to one of the greatest machinima's ever made. (it's a remake of a machinima, it uses assets taken from gmod, it counts goddamnit!)
  10. A topic about gmod videos I make :)
  11. CrazyScoutFIN has really improved a lot.
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