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  1. Genre - Comedy, Sci-Fi
    Creator: Kliff Edge

    Made this several months back, for my own channel. Was supposed to just be a April Fools thing but it got, delayed, out of control, wrote music for it, and I didn't know how to end it.
    Wasn't sure I wanted to post this, but again it's just for laughs...don't try to understand the video, there's nothing to learn, here.

    "Violence doesn't solve anything except for everything that it does..." -an old Mandalorian proverb...
    ...I think

  2. Genre - Comedy, Sci-Fi, Drama, Satire
    Creator: Kliff Edge

    Ok, so, this gets a little complicated...
    This is a series that I started with the help of my guild mates in Star Wars Galaxies, that satirizes the (mostly) true, exaggerated experience with certain events and other players that we met along the way - I started this series back in 2010, with filming choreographed and well edited (as best as I could at the time) video within Star Wars Galaxies, while the game was still live.
    At some point after the "Live" game shut down in 2012, I went back and re-edited/Re-shot/Re-booted, the whole thing, which is what you see here with the first 2 episodes (faster edits and dropping some plot elements that went nowhere) - which, in my experience are the best examples of making Machinima with SWG.
    Between the 2nd and 3rd episodes, I struggled with both real life and weather or not I continue making the videos in some other engine (you see a short clip of my work in Skyrim, at the beginning of episode 2).

    Long story short; finally settled on Source FilmMaker for all future episodes due to the Source Engine's flexability. As of right now, with real life, this is just a "when it's done" sort of project. Still partially through animating the next one while making revisions to the scripts.

    Enjoy it for what it is, dunno if anyone would appreciate the SWG episodes - but I think the SFM one might be at least watchable for most, here (though, admittedly a little darker in the lighting department, than I remember)

    I created these, but they are on my guild's YouTube channel which I own and run, but never monetize. https://www.youtube.com/RepDstudios

    Everyone is credited for their terrific voice work.

    This is my Official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/KliffEdge

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