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  1. A commentary on the sad state of the electronics industry.
    As those of ancient greek doing a say, "MAgnum Opus" as it will be yours.
  2. Any true work of art is one that inspires works of art in others. TF2, is a true work of art.
  3. As those of ancient greek doing a say, "MAgnum Opus" as it will be yours.
  4. DamashiDX made a new video! This one's about Pizza. Sort of.
  5. I like stickers. I like to cover things in stickers. Please add Gorilla Gong Stickers to the Gorilla Gong Store. That is all.
  6. In his latest video Eltorro64Rus goes to "Japan".
  7. Another STBlackST video. IDK I just think spy taking a bath in his suit is really funny for some reason.
  8. By STBlackST.
  9. Like a list of machinima makers and links to their patreons or something. I dunno.
  10. With reboots/remakes/remasters being the big thing in games and movies right now what are some reboots/remakes you'd actually want to see? Personally I would love to see Tribes, Turok, Timesplitters, and Rise of Legends all get remakes/reboots, and even though we got Quake Champions, I'd love to see a singleplayer Quake again.
  11. Here's a very interesting response video by an actual lawyer to Ross's video.
  12. The *other* Portal themed Nightmare Before Christmas parody song by Harry101UK. Harry101UK Harry101UK
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