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  1. Does it still count if a big company made it? I mean it was made in sfm...
  2. Half spoof, half genuine tutorial, these guides to Team Defence Fort 2 will help you "git gud" in no time.
    A perfect blend of action and comedy. A monument to the greatness of my favorite game and it's community.
  3. You can do that? That would be interesting.
  4. Yeah, I personally haven't had any issues with Teespring, but everything I've bought from Teepublic has looked like total shit. I love the logo so I'll have to pick up a shirt in the coming week.
  5. While the update was much maligned, the short itself was badass.
  6. I am but a humble partaker of machinima content, I don't personally make any and don't really plan too. I do however draw a lot, and it would be nice to have a place where I could post it, and others could post videogame maps or mods or other things that could be used for machinima but aren't necessarily machinima.
  7. Not sure if these should be posted as a series or individually (there are a lot of them). Anyway, remember these? Music videos of Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm songs (and a few others) played by World of Warcraft characters. Were a big hit on early youtube and were my introduction to machinima.
  8. Well how about that, we have a shop now. I'm glad you went with Teespring, Teepublic's quality is garbage.
    Replace "Let's Play's" with the latest dumb youtube trend and it's like nothing has changed.
  9. Genre: Comedy The original Gmod Robot Chicken ripoff. The classic collection of sketch comedy gmod shorts. The one, the only, The Idiot Box. I'm surprised I haven't seen this one submitted yet.
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