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  1. It's fine let me know how they look or if they need to be reuploaded
  2. Actually I might need to reupload them because of video quality reasons. Let me know how they look when you add them.
  3. Those are the other episodes. Let me know if you get them.
  4. https://youtu.be/iJv_Ly_IPSY here is the link for the second episode. It has copyrighted music which I hope isn't a problem.
  5. I'll have to upload the episodes on YouTube in order myself. There are vids of the some of the episodes but there spread out over multiple channels. I'll upload the episodes so that anyone that wants to view them can do so in order. I'll upload what I can.
  6. https://youtu.be/Qx_k0Zhvnr The original creator doesn't have the vids on his channel I'm not even sure if he's still active on YouTube which seems unlikely. The creator's name is Connary Kappler aka Sgt Padrino He changed his name around 4 to 5 years ago. WhyWhyZed is the name if his channel. Let me know if the link works.
  7. Hey I have an old machinima I wanted to upload It's from the glory days of machinima. It's called Retaliation and the series disappeared when Machinima took down all their videos. I have the whole series downloaded but I will post a YouTube of the first episode. The Episodes aren't on the creator's channel and various episodes have been uploaded to YouTube by different people. The series is Action and Drama or War and is from COD 4.
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