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    Cringe like i've never cringed before. Too much butchering on the facial animations. Bad concept. Bad volumetrics.
    Youtube animation is great.... However video is age restricted on gorila gong and is unavailable... R.I.P.
    Too short. But flawless animation. I can see a good series of theese clips if the animator wants to take it up a notch.
    Animation flawless, i have nothing bad at all to say about this animation. Truely a great piece amongst the others. The subtle happy character in the background to using the sargeant as the primary voice actor for the rude dialect.
    The voice acting is hard to follow with who is speaking. The jokes are too similar and repetitive. The dialog feels forced.
    It's a good piece, the voice acting needs some work but overall well done.
    I am glad to see the poster of the video gave credits to @RossScott @AcursedFarms on Youtube. Where the original videos were posted. Great series with over 50 episodes
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