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  1. There's a new episode posted.
  2. Reboots have always disappointed me, but Spyro is looking ok so far.
  3. NICE! Well done. It's a bit too short for the site, but definitely a worthy meme I'm saving.
  4. I'm always asking myself, "How is there such an abundance of TF2 LOLSORANDOM videos?" This video was brilliant. Love it.
  5. This video is genius and really explains how the LOLSORANDOM TF2 videos are made in such abundance. Check out the description of Hypo's video here, for more information. Submitted by @centersolace.
  6. Another wonderful music video created by Harry101UK submitted by @centersolace.
  7. A brilliant parody of "This Is Halloween" with some fantastic animation made by Harry101UK and submitted by @centersolace.
  8. https://teespring.com/the-big-black-sticker?05f25b3182#pid=794&cid=103544&sid=front
  9. How's this? https://teespring.com/sticks-to-things?tsmac=store&tsmic=gorilla-gong#pid=794&cid=103544&sid=front
  10. I think the best way to handle this, is to allow people to put their patreon in their profile and show a button under their name if they become a verified director. I'm trying to figure out how to automate that process. The problem I envision are people pretending to be creators and abusing it. I don't want to setup anything that requires manual work from me if possible. That was the problem the old site had. It needed to many hands on deck to stay running.
  11. Wonderful voice acting, animation, and well composed. Submitted by @centersolace straight to the featured.
  12. A great horror film suggested by @QuakeIV. The production has good animation, well voiced characters, and a unique story. This had to take a ton of work to put together.
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