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  1. A parody of the classic parody of an ad for Big Bill Hell's Cars re-imagined in Source Film Maker. Submitted by @centersolace.
  2. Ah, YouTube being terrible again. I wish I was more surprised but it's been a trend. Before long YT will be sanitized to a point where it's no better than legacy media cable tv.
  3. The Britain


    Part 3 is up @Lord Protector but I don't see any other ones on your channel. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you for re-uploading these.
  4. A short created by spockitans and submitted by @centersolace. Well put together and edited Star Wars parody in TF2, definitely worth the watch.
  5. The Britain

    Fuck You

    Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me. Submitted by @centersolace.
  6. This is well edited and put together, however, in personal tastes I have a certain disdain for machinima that uses hashed stock voice cuts. If you're into lolsorandom, check out the random tag. Submitted by @centersolace.
  7. The Britain


    Meme videos will fall under one tag of "meme". They are here simply for cultural significance. Submitted by @centersolace.
  8. Holy crap you've been busy since I've been gone, I will get things updated here soon. School has been killing me. I need to add the latest FM episode as well. Thanks for your help man.
  9. I totally dropped the ball on this, I will get these uploaded sometime today. Thanks again for re-uploading all of these.
  10. The Britain

    The Guy

    Our own @Albert788 created an impressively long GMod machinima about an incredibly violent dude called "The Guy". It has custom voice acting and, more importantly, doesn't have the wacky GMod/SFM face explosions and other reactions that kill so many machinima. I couldn't decide whether to place this under action or comedy. The choice of music was well selected, but the audio production could use a little work. The 4th wall breaking was a little bit much, but not a bad watch.
  11. Hey thanks man! I will get these added this weekend.
  12. Not at all, I only embed the videos so I have no responsibility for their content and the directors get all of the YouTube traffic.
  13. Sorry for the delay, yes please upload the rest. I posted the video today.
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