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  1. Holy crap you've been busy since I've been gone, I will get things updated here soon. School has been killing me. I need to add the latest FM episode as well. Thanks for your help man.
  2. I totally dropped the ball on this, I will get these uploaded sometime today. Thanks again for re-uploading all of these.
  3. The Britain

    The Guy

    Our own @Albert788 created an impressively long GMod machinima about an incredibly violent dude called "The Guy". It has custom voice acting and, more importantly, doesn't have the wacky GMod/SFM face explosions and other reactions that kill so many machinima. I couldn't decide whether to place this under action or comedy. The choice of music was well selected, but the audio production could use a little work. The 4th wall breaking was a little bit much, but not a bad watch.
  4. Hey thanks man! I will get these added this weekend.
  5. Not at all, I only embed the videos so I have no responsibility for their content and the directors get all of the YouTube traffic.
  6. Sorry for the delay, yes please upload the rest. I posted the video today.
  7. The Britain


    Our own @Lord Protector has re-uploaded this series that was lost when Machinima (the company) wiped out their entire listing. It's a classic from the machinima golden years. It suffers from some of the aches of old machinima, mainly in sound balancing and voice acting but has aged well overall.
  8. Already in the lineup. Thanks for putting it in here though, some people may decide to browse the submission section instead of the front page.
  9. If you could get a link to YouTube by uploading it that would be awesome, along with the creator's name. I would like to preview it.
  10. If the animator of the game makes original content of their characters, is it a machinima?
  11. Plugins cost cash and I want to invest in GG general first. Maybe after the promotion. I want users to have their own galleries. Right now GG is basically in beta.
  12. The Britain


    A great action short created in GMod by our own @MaskAnimations. I always love seeing a good machinima deviating into more serious territory.
  13. Very nice change of pace, good find.
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