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Submission Guidelines

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When submitting a video, please make our lives easier and include the following information:

1. Please tell us what engine it was made in if you can.

2. If this is part of a series, post the first one and append the word - SERIES after the title. So the title of the post should be, "Freeman's Mind -SERIES".

3. Please, please, please search first.

4. Do not post non-machinima items like game trailers, larping, live action, ect. Fake game trailers are ok.

5. If you can let us know what genre it is, exp: Action, Comedy, ect.

6. We only host YouTube links right now.

7. Please make sure you link the actual creator's channel whenever possible. We want the original creators getting attention. If you see a video posted linking to a channel that is not the creators, and it is still available on their channel. Please report it.

Those who submit good content following these guidelines will be given the ability to post videos directly pending review. If you're machinima doesn't go up, we may be waiting to put it up or it may not meet quality guidelines. Don't get depressed about it, it's just part of the process. If it's themed, and we're close to a holiday, we may wait for that holiday.

Verified Directors will be able to submit directly to the feed.


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