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Forum Rules & Etiquette

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A quick summation of the rules is as follows:

Don't be a dick.

1. Please follow posting guidelines outlined if you should decide to submit a machinima.

2. Do not link to Patreon, Paypal, or ask for money in any way. This rule exists because we've had problems in the past with people pretending to be a semi-popular machinima director and trying to collect ill-deserved money. If you want to support a creator, go directly to their channel and do it from there.

3. This forum is an English speaking forum. Our moderators and members speak English. Since we can't speak other languages we can't moderate them. Please post in English.

4. Don't post pornographic content, this includes machinima that contain pornographic content. Some members really like to get their hair up over whether something is "lude" or not. Use common sense, don't post borderline pornographic content.

5. Don't post illegal content. This includes links to torrents, pirating sites, ect... We live in America and our content is hosted here, don't make our lives more difficult please.

6. Don't post child pornography. Don't even joke about it. Instant ban and report with full log to the authorities if it pops up on here.

7. Don't do anything that requires me to make more rules.


NOTE: We are not affiliated with Machinima the company in any way. We use machinima with a little "m" whenever we can, though sometimes we use machinima with a bit "M". We are not Machinima, and frankly we find them disgusting as a company. Please make sure for both legal and hygienic reasons, you don't associate us with them, their trademarks, or property.

SUB NOTE: Machinima deleted all content due to their shoddy contracts. It's now OK to post content with the machinima water-mark as a submission. We're trying to hunt down all of the content that they deleted. If you can only find a copy with a watermark, go ahead and submit it.

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