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Q: What is machinima?


Q: Where the hell did you go?

A: Gorilla Gong in its initial conception was unmanageable, there were too many moving parts that relied solely on a few people working very, very hard. Nearly 1000 videos were looked up, researched, typed out, and posted by one person, Mrs. Shark. Finding one video that met our quality standard took nearly an hour of work. We had to watch all of them all the way through and that just took way too much time.

Q: How is the new Gorilla Gong different?

A: The new Gorilla Gong is employing everyone in the video posting process. The submission guidelines are still important we have light moderation that makes sure what stays in there is quality. We're using the forum and its powerful search functions to make finding machinima easier.

Q: What does Gorilla Gong stand for?

A: Yes.

Q: No, I mean, why is it called Gorilla Gong?

A: Yes.


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