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Chell's Mind - SERIES

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    • centersolace -
      Gorgeous Freeman - Series

      A work of art.
    • centersolace -
      Youtube Ave. - Series

      Replace "Let's Play's" with the latest dumb youtube trend and it's like nothing has changed.
    • Spex_Guy -
      Google Stooge

      I really enjoyed the animation on this as well as the commentary on our use of devices and storing of pointless data, the blending of real photographed backgrounds and computer made ones works very well and it feels like a real cheesy commercial which was totally the goal. I wish the animation was a bit less stiff but that's the only downside i'd say this one was a fun watch and I'd share it with my friends
    • Kliff Edge -
      Youtube Ave. - Series

      Great series of short videos by DasBoSchitt, that satirizes YouTube Gaming scene topics and trends of the time from the perspective of a terrible "Let's play" personality named "Phil" and an Evil, Demonic gaming entity of reason ("L.P.") that he answers to. Excellent comedic timing and animation as always, from DasBoschitt. Voice work is some of the best as well. Takahata101 lends his voice for "L.P." and is the cocaine cherry on top of what is already hilarious.
    • The Britain -
      Detective Nigbone

      One of my all time favorite machinimas. The editing in the beginning is rough, but it adds to its charm. The series improves 10 fold as time went on. I highly recommend this series if you don't have glass feelings and like some pretty crude humour. This series is one of the reasons Gorilla Gong exist. Like many creators, he doesn't get near enough attention for the quality he puts out.
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