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I made this in Gmod and It's eccentually a big animation test, So I need some advice on what I can Improve on.

Description: Ever had one of those days... on a map called TwoFort. When you just want the Game to END and will happily do the Impossible, THE UNTHINKABLE and go do the objective, Well this soldier did the Unthinkable... and for a very good reason. The Intel Grab is a Collection of animation tests that I made & put together to see what I need to get better at and just what I can get away with, I'm Hopeful that I can make my own little spot on this Website without having to nick someone else's schtick (I love using THAT GUY's models and all but I don't won't to be yet another clone).


I got other Videos I would like to get on here, From stuff that I already made to what I'm currently working on.

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