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April 2019 $25 Amazon Gift Card Contest

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April 2019 - $25 Amazon Gift Card Contest

Who May Enter: Due to many governing laws and restrictions, I can only give this prize away to those who live in the US and are at least 18 years of age. I have no way of verifying your age or residency so it's up to you to play honestly.

When Is the Winner Announced: On the last day of April. The prize will be sent only to the email attached to the account within 1 week of announcement.

What Do I Win: A digital $25 Amazon gift card.

How To Play: To enter, you must pick a machinima and create a still image meme of it. You must also say in your post that it is an entry. Please link to the machinima you are memeing. The meme myself and the moderators find funniest, wins. To prevent bias, a volunteer will blindly feed us the memes for us to judge and we will pick that way.

Rules: Entries close April 29th at 11:50 PM -05:00


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  • Review

    • QuakeIV -
      Ticket Zero

      This is really damn good (made by same guy who made the clear skies eve online series) you should watch it.
    • MaskAnimations -
      The Gmod Idiot Box Series

      An absolute classic series by the legendary DasBoSchitt. Like Kitty0706, DasBoSchitt and his videos would inspire a lot of Gmod movie makers (like myself). 
    • DiamondWarr1or -
      Civil Protection: Oil's Well

      I like how this highlights the big issue this society has but is to stupid to fix.
    • DiamondWarr1or -
      The Gmod Idiot Box Series

      Good GOD! I hate this so much! its an amalgamation of everything that isn't funny about random humor!  And how is it so popular!? Its like if this review was just sergfsuegbveiesfdgdfsvjggksdhksdghidkhgfsdkhfvhkdfs instead of what I'm writing now.
    • DiamondWarr1or -
      Freeman's Mind

      I liked the first few episodes but to me the concept wears very thin and gets old fast
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