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Kliff Edge

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Genre - Comedy, Sci-Fi
Creator: Kliff Edge

Made this several months back, for my own channel. Was supposed to just be a April Fools thing but it got, delayed, out of control, wrote music for it, and I didn't know how to end it.
Wasn't sure I wanted to post this, but again it's just for laughs...don't try to understand the video, there's nothing to learn, here.

"Violence doesn't solve anything except for everything that it does..." -an old Mandalorian proverb...
...I think

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    • Ellisray -
      Spidertale Demo-Verse

      Story was a little convoluted, but it’s comedic based animation. The faces although deformed were physically humorous. The character motion was funny, fluid, and easy to watch. The end scene with the smash-bros style animation I found very easy to watch, and showcases the animators creativity and diversification. Very funny and hope to see more.
    • Brutal-Honesty -
      Spidertale Demo-Verse

      Cringe like i've never cringed before. Too much butchering on the facial animations. Bad concept. Bad volumetrics.
    • Brutal-Honesty -
      Fuck You

      Youtube animation is great.... However video is age restricted on gorila gong and is unavailable... R.I.P.
    • Brutal-Honesty -

      Too short. But flawless animation. I can see a good series of theese clips if the animator wants to take it up a notch.
    • Brutal-Honesty -
      Big Bill Hell's Cars

      Animation flawless, i have nothing bad at all to say about this animation. Truely a great piece amongst the others. The subtle happy character in the background to using the sargeant as the primary voice actor for the rude dialect.
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