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🦀 Half Life 2 VR but the AI is Self Aware


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As Gordon Freeman was reinstated back to Earth after the Black Mesa Resonance Cascade, he now has to go through this new world of Combine rule (Universal Union). But what he didn’t expect was to meet people meant to be dead.

Least he was expecting was to be asked one more time for his wretched passport by Benrey himself in an outfit that resembled all that Gordon wanted to burn with infinite fire. What was up with this guy and his desire to asks for damn passports, and why had he once more managed to get his claws on a security guard unfirom?

He should’ve felt happy meeting Bubby and Dr Coomer, yet his happiness was turned into white pain.

Wayneradiotv’s Twitch: ► https://www.twitch.tv/wayneradiotv

Dr. Coomer: ► https://twitter.com/hp_hollowtones

Tommy: ► https://twitter.com/Baaulp

Bubby: ► https://twitter.com/MasterGir

Benrey: ► https://twitter.com/Socpens

Watch ‘Freeman You Fool!’: ► https://youtu.be/jK5pcZnVGNQ

Wayneradiotv is the creator of Half Life VR but the AI is Self-Aware, so go check him out and share the love, as well as to the voice actors of Coomer, Tommy, Bubby and Benrey, as they deserve none less of it!


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