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🔥 Blazes of Napalm – M2 Flamethrower Characteristics – Interdex


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The flamethrower, or otherwise spelt flame thrower, is a sophisticated weapon working mainly on trigger mechanisms and nitrogen pressure, which in turn spurts out of the nostril the liquid to-be-combusted flames of napalm. John found himself inseparable from his trustworthy M2 flamethrower, which somehow found itself in his possession after the war.

He’d usually clear bunkers and trenches with its short bursts, but in the day of peace he has to somehow find coping mechanisms with the tranquility and boredom of the world around him.

One would say of Interdex’s similarity to Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, but how can that be when Marvin the Paranoid Android isn’t present, mmm? But the better question would be if he can find sanity and normality in this ‘wrong’ world.

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