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For site news, FAQ, and general meta talk about Gorilla Gong.


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    Is there a quality problem with something from our Tee Spring shop? Do you want to show off the merch you just picked up? Do you have a request? Please post it here.

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    General news about the site and a pinned FAQ explaining things around here.

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    Meta talk about Gorilla Gong. Please post your suggestions and bugs here.

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    At the end of every month we hold a drawing for that month. The rules are available in each post for that month. No purchase necessary.

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  • Review

    • tf2trading4u -
      Old Man!!!!!

      Old, but gold. 🙂
    • centersolace -
      Ghost Bubber [SHORT]

      Still a better Ghostbusters remake than the 2016 film.
    • centersolace -
      Genius of a Film

      As those of ancient greek doing a say, "MAgnum Opus" as it will be yours.
    • WhenWorldsCollide2 -
      Doom Guy's Mind

      Interesting idea for a one-off. I suppose it makes sense - Half-Life was a game that revolutionised the FPS and game storytelling, and Doom all but invented the first-person shooter (if we ignore Wolfenstein which was essentially a repurposed top-down game). Obviously it's nowhere near as developed as FM but Ross' Doomguy (Rossguy?) is entertaining enough as a narrator, balancing just the right amount of in-universe logical meta-criticism with the expected gung-hu Duke Nukem antics. I'd have bee
    • WhenWorldsCollide2 -
      Shephard's Mind

      Krim is best known as the second Master Mind, but he was very close to being the first, losing out in a race with Ian by mere hours to release Barney's Mind Episode 1 recorded in Half-Life: Blue Shift. Defeated but not deterred by his before-unknown rival, he elected to instead make a series in Half-Life's other single-player expansion Opposing Force. So let's cut straight to the chase. Robin's series suffers from a few of the same problems as that which plagued the series he almost ended u
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