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  1. Gorilla Gong General

    For site news, FAQ, and general meta talk about Gorilla Gong.

    1. Merch

      Is there a quality problem with something from our Tee Spring shop? Do you want to show off the merch you just picked up? Do you have a request? Please post it here.

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    3. Annoucements & FAQ

      General news about the site and a pinned FAQ explaining things around here.

    4. Site Suggestions & Bugs

      Meta talk about Gorilla Gong. Please post your suggestions and bugs here.

    5. Giveaways

      At the end of every month we hold a drawing for that month. The rules are available in each post for that month. No purchase necessary.

  2. Machinima

    Everything related to machinima and machinima production.

    1. Submissions

      Please do a search to see if it's already posted here. If you want to be a superstar and help out, please rate the machinima using the star system.

    2. WIP

      Do you have a machinima in production not ready to be listed on the front page? Do you want some feedback? Post it here. Please do not post questions here, only works in progress that you have created.

      • No posts here yet
    3. Machinima Help

      This is the place to get advice from the pros!

      • No posts here yet
  3. Tools

    If you have questions about specific tools, this is the place to get help or give advice.

    1. Other Software

      Discussion about other software for machinima.

      • No posts here yet
    2. Blender

      Discussion about Blender for machinima.

      • No posts here yet
    3. Source Film Maker

      Discussion about Source Film Maker for machinima.

      • No posts here yet
    4. Source Engine

      Discussion about the Source Engine for machinima.

      • No posts here yet
    5. UDK

      Discussion about UDK for machinima.

      • No posts here yet
    6. Unreal Engine 4

      Discussion about Unreal Engine 4 for machinima.

      • No posts here yet
  4. Everything Else

    The rest of the fluff goes here.

    1. Other Fluff

      For everything else that doesn't relate to any other existing forum.

    2. Debate

      ALL DEBATE GOES HERE! If you're the type of person with glass skin or paper feelings, please avoid participating here. This if for inflamed discussion. Don't let it get out of hand. Same rules apple here, do not engage in name calling or defamation.

    3. Games General

      Talk about game releases and other game topics here.

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    Install Cost

    Help us pay for the initial cost of getting the new Gorilla Gong live. Please don't donate if you can't afford to. The site isn't going anywhere. Please note, this money does not go to Ross Scott. He is only lightly affiliated with Gorilla Gong.

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  • Review

    • tf2trading4u -
      Old Man!!!!!

      Old, but gold. 🙂
    • centersolace -
      Ghost Bubber [SHORT]

      Still a better Ghostbusters remake than the 2016 film.
    • centersolace -
      Genius of a Film

      As those of ancient greek doing a say, "MAgnum Opus" as it will be yours.
    • WhenWorldsCollide2 -
      Doom Guy's Mind

      Interesting idea for a one-off. I suppose it makes sense - Half-Life was a game that revolutionised the FPS and game storytelling, and Doom all but invented the first-person shooter (if we ignore Wolfenstein which was essentially a repurposed top-down game). Obviously it's nowhere near as developed as FM but Ross' Doomguy (Rossguy?) is entertaining enough as a narrator, balancing just the right amount of in-universe logical meta-criticism with the expected gung-hu Duke Nukem antics. I'd have bee
    • WhenWorldsCollide2 -
      Shephard's Mind

      Krim is best known as the second Master Mind, but he was very close to being the first, losing out in a race with Ian by mere hours to release Barney's Mind Episode 1 recorded in Half-Life: Blue Shift. Defeated but not deterred by his before-unknown rival, he elected to instead make a series in Half-Life's other single-player expansion Opposing Force. So let's cut straight to the chase. Robin's series suffers from a few of the same problems as that which plagued the series he almost ended u
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