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If you are a web developer and want to pay .007/hr, no money up front, totally usage based VPS hosting, you can click our referral link here, and it will help pay for our servers. Did I mention you get an instant $10 credit by using that link? Because you totally do.

We did serious research to find the right server when we migrated. It cost you nothing [see their faq here], and you get as many cool free Linux servers to play with as you want, until your credit runs out, or you decide to that they are too awesome to leave.

Really, no tricks. You need a credit card, but they will not charge you until you've ran out of credit. If you want to setup your new installation very easily, I recommend Server Pilot - referral, but the basic plan is totally free, and fine for most people - or Virtualmin for the more experienced [it's free too].

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Do you love mAchinima? We sure do. Help us keep the lights on.

When someone takes video game assets, rips, mixes, and combines them to make new and original video content, that's called mAchinima. So it makes sense if you wanted to find quality mAchinima, you should just be able to use the word "machinima" as a search term.

Chances are though, if you're here it's because you can't use "machinima" as a search term, and even if you could, YouTube along with other sites are prioritizing popularity over quality.

Tens of thousands of lines of code later, three rewrites, and countless reviewer hours battling search engines and watching both terrible and great mAchinima, here we are. The third evolution of Gorilla Gong. GG3.0 Alpha

Have you tried ads? Aren't there ads on the videos here?

- Yes, you bet we did. The ads did terrible, worse than terrible actually. They ruined user experience and didn't generate enough money to pay the hosting for a tenth of a year.

- We embed. We receive none of the ad content you view on videos embedded here, all views and ad revenue is benefited only by the director.

So how can I help?

We're glad you asked! If you can't afford a dollar or two, we get that. There are a million sites asking for donations. There are other ways you can help, and we would just love you for it. If you can afford a dollar or two however, make sure you are logged in, you will get "shinnies" for your donation, our virtual "currency", that you will be able to use when BETA features are added.

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Simply sharing us on these social media sites help us! We want to grow the art of mAchinima, but we can only do that if people know about mAchinima and Gorilla Gong.

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