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  • We directly host creator's videos, meaning we don't step in the middle like other businesses. We don't host ads. We don't charge creators anything. We subsist entirely from donations. If you can't afford to donate, no worries, just enjoy the site. Please don't donate if you can't afford it.

    I try to provide fast support and a useful site for cataloging machinima. It's incredibly time consuming and expensive. If you can afford to throw a few bones my way, it's super appreciated, and you get a few perks that go along with it. Supporters get the following perks (more coming soon):

    - Double the upload limit.

    - Name changes.

    - A special board on the forums just for supporters.

    - A special channel on the Discord just for supporters. (Discord Coming Soon)

    - More perks as I think of them.


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    Keep it alive!
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    Example donation for new installs.
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    Help us pay for the initial cost of getting the new Gorilla Gong live. Please don't donate if you can't afford to. The site isn't going anywhere. Please note, this money does not go to Ross Scott. He is only lightly affiliated with Gorilla Gong.

    $89.00 of $1,000.00 Donate Now
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