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    I like how this highlights the big issue this society has but is to stupid to fix.
    Good GOD! I hate this so much! its an amalgamation of everything that isn't funny about random humor! And how is it so popular!? Its like if this review was just sergfsuegbveiesfdgdfsvjggksdhksdghidkhgfsdkhfvhkdfs instead of what I'm writing now.
    I liked the first few episodes but to me the concept wears very thin and gets old fast
  2. A machinima I worked on for 2 days, there are more on my channel!

  3. Just joined Gorilla Gong, I am very late but hopefully I will be able to spread my machinima content.

  4. This is a SFM (Source Filmmaker) music video of "Freeman You Fool!", music which was created by the youtuber Vandoorea. Set in Half Life's Black Mesa, Gordon Freeman is on his first official working day in the Black Mesa research facility. His expectations about science and knowledge: broken.
  5. New episode. Back to basic for this one.
  6. 2019 wasn't a great year for me, but here's hoping 2020 will be a lot better. 🙂
  7. Follow Morgan Yu, a 27 year old anxious amnesiac, on an involuntary journey through an orbital space station. Morgan's Mind is my love letter to both Arkane Studio's PREY and Ross Scott's Freeman's Mind. It is a traditional mind machinima series, shot in-engine (CryEngine), and meant to be a Comedy series following the reactions of the main protagonist throughout the main storyline of PREY. Link to creator's channel (me): Moe N. Kayse https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDdhs4ZCnX4PcT14556F1MA/
  8. kpop more like kpoop.
  9. It's okay, sometimes I forget this place exists too. 😛
  10. I wish I knew what sleep was.
    I'd argue, this is way better than Freeman's Mind 1, since Ross has more control with the levels, making the series very unpredictable.
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