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  2. Genre: Comedy A chronicle of the inner thoughts of Corporal Matthew Kane, a 23 year-old Marine with...issues. Creator: Chunkboi https://www.youtube.com/user/Chunkboi
  3. Genre: Action, Adventure The story of a man that makes new friends (and enemies) and fight evil. Or so you think. Creator: Isaacfess https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrN7Xx3ZFfdoY0U6K4E562A/featured?
  4. An action short straight from the house of James McVinnie submitted by @centersolace,
  5. You can do that? That would be interesting.
  6. Yeah, I personally haven't had any issues with Teespring, but everything I've bought from Teepublic has looked like total shit. I love the logo so I'll have to pick up a shirt in the coming week.
  7. I've been considering this, right now we have a non-machinima sharing place on the forum. Would you like the ability to create your own Gallery? There is a plugin that I can put on the site.
  8. I'm glad to hear someone else saying TeeSpring was a good move. I did allot of research trying to find one that put out good stuff. If anyone finds that TeeSpring has less than excellent quality, let me know right away.
  9. A brilliant animation created as a tribute to Ross Scott's amazing performance in Freeman's Mind.
  10. While the update was much maligned, the short itself was badass.
  11. I am but a humble partaker of machinima content, I don't personally make any and don't really plan too. I do however draw a lot, and it would be nice to have a place where I could post it, and others could post videogame maps or mods or other things that could be used for machinima but aren't necessarily machinima.
  12. Not sure if these should be posted as a series or individually (there are a lot of them). Anyway, remember these? Music videos of Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm songs (and a few others) played by World of Warcraft characters. Were a big hit on early youtube and were my introduction to machinima.
  13. Well how about that, we have a shop now. I'm glad you went with Teespring, Teepublic's quality is garbage.
  14. Genre: Comedy Follow the thoughts of Chell, Aperture Science Test Subject and schizophrenic individual, as she makes her way through the mazes and madness of the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center. Creator: Cyh https://www.youtube.com/user/CyhAnide
  15. A crazy stupid, but fantastically produced series by Antoine Delak. I tacked on the short he made at the end.
  16. A fantastic remake of the opening scene to Half Life. Great production quality and pretty damned engaging from Pinwheel Arts. I've included the other parts to the series with different names for brevity.
  17. The Britain

    Treat or Else

    One of DasBoSchitt's earlier works. While it treads the line of "lol so random" it does have historical value and decent production value.
  18. Submitted by @Blue15bomber: A parody of Robot Chicken, DasBoShchitt brings us another GMod miracle.
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  20. There is an error with the merch shop that offers a "white" option for different items. If you click it, you will just get a plain white item because the logo is white. Please do not click the white option. Tee Spring will be removing the option soon.
  21. Just uncertain about this feeling

  22. Submitted by @Blue15bomber: Another spin-off series from the legendary Freeman's Mind. HALF LIFE: BLUE SHIFT By: Ian Riley Inspired (and endorsed) by: Ross Scott (Freeman's Mind) Follow the thoughts of Mr. Barney Calhoun, a Black Mesa security guard and pessimistic individual. In this episode, Barney yawns his way through a tram ride to work and wonders where OSHA was when they were putting in handrails. PLEASE NOTE, THE LAST 2 IN THE PLAYLIST ARE THE FIRST 2 EPISODES. IT APPEARS HE DID A REMAKE OF THOSE EPISODES LATER AND PRIORITIZED THEM OVER THE ORIGINALS. THEY ARE INCLUDED FOR COMPLETENESS, BUT OUT OF ORDER
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