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  3. Most of Mr. o_O's (The creator of Pootis-Man, and Joker Spy) videos got taken down, but he's made his own website with all of them embedded here: https://mistermisteroo.ru
  4. A tribute to one of the greatest machinima's ever made. (it's a remake of a machinima, it uses assets taken from gmod, it counts goddamnit!)
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  6. Are you going to post any?
  7. ceno0 has really outdone himself this time.
  8. A topic about gmod videos I make :)
  9. As Gordon Freeman was reinstated back to Earth after the Black Mesa Resonance Cascade, he now has to go through this new world of Combine rule (Universal Union). But what he didn’t expect was to meet people meant to be dead. Least he was expecting was to be asked one more time for his wretched passport by Benrey himself in an outfit that resembled all that Gordon wanted to burn with infinite fire. What was up with this guy and his desire to asks for damn passports, and why had he once more managed to get his claws on a security guard unfirom? He should’ve felt happy meeting Bubby and Dr Coomer, yet his happiness was turned into white pain. Wayneradiotv’s Twitch: ► https://www.twitch.tv/wayneradiotv Dr. Coomer: ► https://twitter.com/hp_hollowtones Tommy: ► https://twitter.com/Baaulp Bubby: ► https://twitter.com/MasterGir Benrey: ► https://twitter.com/Socpens Watch ‘Freeman You Fool!’: ► https://youtu.be/jK5pcZnVGNQ Wayneradiotv is the creator of Half Life VR but the AI is Self-Aware, so go check him out and share the love, as well as to the voice actors of Coomer, Tommy, Bubby and Benrey, as they deserve none less of it!
  10. In this Source Filmmaker (SFM) machinima, we’re given a glimpse in the aftermath of the Freeman You Fool music video (ft. Vandoorea), where the Dance Chamber pushed the limit with Black Mesa’s (Half Life) administrator Dr. Breen. As Gordon Freeman missed the last elevator to the Living Quarters in Black Mesa Research Facility (B.M.R.F.), he was forced to take refuge in a place dingier than a cockroach’s nest. Let’s go through Gordon’s adventure to leave Black Mesa for good, but can anyone truly leave this facility and remain sane? It’s high time we find out!
  11. CrazyScoutFIN has really improved a lot.
  12. In this Source Filmmaker (SFM) machinima, we explore the consequences of this new disease known as Coronavirus or CONVID19. As we know, it originated in China, Wuhan amidst the wet markets of endless meat. From there came the flu-like symptoms which targeted mainly weak people with respitory and heart problems. Now the whole world is under the yoke of this flu terror, this official pandemic, but we must stay strong and persevere without giving this virus any chances. Do not fall into panic, hysteria or unlawfulness, as following such behaviour will only pull us back from the progress we were already making. This is the era of a hard tribulation, which will leave its mark upon ourselves. But it will not mark is in weakness, it will be the scar of fortitude and the undying human spirit!
  13. In this Source Filmmaker (SFM) machinima, we delve into the characteristics and functions of the office chair and chairs in general. Usually we’d just go to the ikea chairs and take whatever looks and probably feels good for the short amount of sitting. But desk chairs are a breed which need research and knowledge about, otherwise you’d be stuck with a spine cruncher which would take your life away from the tail to the cranium. John found himself unable to continue with his frustrated trash of a chair, so he finally did the right choice and gave way to the decision of buying a new one, as second hand just didn’t ring to well with him with such an important decision.
  14. Genre: Machinima, Sci-Fi, Drama Engine: GoldSrc Series Description: Enter the mind of Dr. Kim Sora, a Theoretical Physicist at Black Mesa. Creator: PepperThePepperlicious https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXiXtZvn1PdrVB74i7Be50w
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