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  2. That's actually quite well done. I really liked the lighting.
    This is really damn good (made by same guy who made the clear skies eve online series) you should watch it.
    An absolute classic series by the legendary DasBoSchitt. Like Kitty0706, DasBoSchitt and his videos would inspire a lot of Gmod movie makers (like myself).
  3. Made in Garry's Mod. This is part one of a mini WWII series I've always wanted to make. It follows a man named Sgt. Riley as he leads his fellow soldiers on missions during the chaotic Normandy Invasion in 1944. This was inspired mainly by Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Medal of Honor and Brothers in Arms. Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/user/BehindTheMask961
  4. tfw nobody remembers picolas cage, and just makes rick and morty jokes. This has some great cartoony animation.
  5. Yeah has their been any progress on this front?
  6. The mysterious box collab has gotten a sequel! Join in if you feel like, I'll post the results when they're done.
  7. Most of Mr. o_O's (The creator of Pootis-Man, and Joker Spy) videos got taken down, but he's made his own website with all of them embedded here: https://mistermisteroo.ru
  8. A tribute to one of the greatest machinima's ever made. (it's a remake of a machinima, it uses assets taken from gmod, it counts goddamnit!)
  9. Are you going to post any?
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