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  4. A commentary on the sad state of the electronics industry.
    As those of ancient greek doing a say, "MAgnum Opus" as it will be yours.
  5. Any true work of art is one that inspires works of art in others. TF2, is a true work of art.
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  7. Reboots have always disappointed me, but Spyro is looking ok so far.
  8. NICE! Well done. It's a bit too short for the site, but definitely a worthy meme I'm saving.
  9. I'm always asking myself, "How is there such an abundance of TF2 LOLSORANDOM videos?" This video was brilliant. Love it.
  10. This video is genius and really explains how the LOLSORANDOM TF2 videos are made in such abundance. Check out the description of Hypo's video here, for more information. Submitted by @centersolace.
  11. Another wonderful music video created by Harry101UK submitted by @centersolace.
  12. A brilliant parody of "This Is Halloween" with some fantastic animation made by Harry101UK and submitted by @centersolace.
  13. https://teespring.com/the-big-black-sticker?05f25b3182#pid=794&cid=103544&sid=front
  14. How's this? https://teespring.com/sticks-to-things?tsmac=store&tsmic=gorilla-gong#pid=794&cid=103544&sid=front
  15. As those of ancient greek doing a say, "MAgnum Opus" as it will be yours.
  16. DamashiDX made a new video! This one's about Pizza. Sort of.
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    Interesting idea for a one-off. I suppose it makes sense - Half-Life was a game that revolutionised the FPS and game storytelling, and Doom all but invented the first-person shooter (if we ignore Wolfenstein which was essentially a repurposed top-down game). Obviously it's nowhere near as developed as FM but Ross' Doomguy (Rossguy?) is entertaining enough as a narrator, balancing just the right amount of in-universe logical meta-criticism with the expected gung-hu Duke Nukem antics. I'd have been interested to see if Ross could've kept going with it, as I'd imagine the limitations of the game engine would pose some interesting difficulties for him, as well as how he'd keep the character fresh - not to mention he'd have to start drinking a lot more whiskey to keep up doing that voice. 3 stars.
    Krim is best known as the second Master Mind, but he was very close to being the first, losing out in a race with Ian by mere hours to release Barney's Mind Episode 1 recorded in Half-Life: Blue Shift. Defeated but not deterred by his before-unknown rival, he elected to instead make a series in Half-Life's other single-player expansion Opposing Force. So let's cut straight to the chase. Robin's series suffers from a few of the same problems as that which plagued the series he almost ended up making himself - situational characterisation shifts, trend jokes and that date really fast - Krim, to his credit, portrays a much more compelling and sympathetic (if somewhat misrepresented - the blurb describes Shephard as being a 'cowardly individual' though he never really comes across as such) character than Ian's Barney. Cyh's turn as Black Ops agent Lydia is dragged down a bit by the overuse of exposition, but it's still a very well handled moment and highly indicative of some of the dark humour Cyh would later incorporate into her own series. Pacing is sometimes an issue but the jokes are, for the most part, on point, and Krim at least balances out the shortcomings of the series with some very decent writing and a more focused performance. By the time we reach the all-too-soon conclusion of the series, despite knowing full well what's going to happen it's still a very poignant moment that you'd have to be a G-Man to not be moved by. It may not be a perfect example, but it stands well enough on its own merits and it doesn't overstay its welcome, and it's surefire proof that Krimsin was and is a worthy addition into the ranks of the Master Minds. 3 stars for quality, effort and nostalgia.
    I'm quite fond of this series, though as I look back on it I'm not sure why. Maybe it's some residual awe from my younger, greener days. Maybe it's some quaint charm the series still holds. Maybe it's that, unlike some Master Minds, Ian Riley has a voice that doesn't make me want to force his face through a cheese grater. Looking at you, Simon. But jokes aside, though this series paved the way for bigger and better things to come, the series itself is rather unrefined and, sad to say, has not aged as well as some of its contemporaries, with the many trend references of the time dating it very poorly. Though Riley has a reasonable vocal resemblance (and indeed a physical one, though by nature of the series he never gets to show this off, much like Ross when he actually had a Gordon haircut) to a younger version of the character we later meet in Half-Life 2, the title character seems to be having something of an identity crisis, or rather a characterisation crisis - one minute he's discount Gordon Freeman, spouting off jargon and trivia that would be more fitting for a scientist than a lowly security guard, and the next he's dopey mick, a few cans short of a full six pack, being overly headstrong or cowardly as the situation demands. There's little attempt at character building and what little there is falls flat, which is probably due to the fact that there's no sense of dramatic tension and most of the moments in which he tries to give the character any depth or complexity comes across as a pale, bland imitation of what Ross did, minus the character nuances that actually made his character compelling (or indeed any actual character in the first place). He doesn't seem to have any real interest in doing his job as a security guard but never seems to miss an opportunity to complain about others shirking their own duties - specifically in the area of a certain so-called running gag about handrails. The series feels rushed, and the ending seems too keen to get the characters into their starting positions for the follow-up even if if messes up the timeline (did Ian never watch Revenge of the Sith?) It's a notable series for being the first unofficial follow-up to Freeman's Mind, and was enough to land Ian a blink-and-you-miss it cameo in the penultimate episode of Ross' series (in which he somehow sounded more like the real Barney than he ever did in his own series...), but when we revisit the character years later in Freeman's Mind 2, Barney barely gets a look-in as Freeman retcons their relationship completely. All in all, Barney's Mind is rather unremarkable, and would probably be entirely forgettable were it not indicative of the shape of things - better things - to come. Go in with an open mind but don't expect too much from it. It's worth a look-in, of only for historical purposes. 2 stars, one for effort and one for nostalgia.
  18. I like stickers. I like to cover things in stickers. Please add Gorilla Gong Stickers to the Gorilla Gong Store. That is all.
  19. In his latest video Eltorro64Rus goes to "Japan".
  20. Another STBlackST video. IDK I just think spy taking a bath in his suit is really funny for some reason.
  21. I think the best way to handle this, is to allow people to put their patreon in their profile and show a button under their name if they become a verified director. I'm trying to figure out how to automate that process. The problem I envision are people pretending to be creators and abusing it. I don't want to setup anything that requires manual work from me if possible. That was the problem the old site had. It needed to many hands on deck to stay running.
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