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  3. It's okay, sometimes I forget this place exists too. 😛
  4. I wish I knew what sleep was.
    I'd argue, this is way better than Freeman's Mind 1, since Ross has more control with the levels, making the series very unpredictable.
  5. I nearly forgot about posting this on this site.
    Despite having some flaws, this is a good watch. It's close to the quality of Freeman's Mind (having some nice spin to the format) and it's waaaaay better than Barney's Mind.
    I respect Ian Riley as a person, being probably the first to have a recognized mind series and making a community. Though, the series is really tough to go through, with a very underdeveloped character and jokes that sadly fall flat. If you want to watch something besides Freeman's Mind 1 and 2, I recommend Shephard's Mind over Barney's Mind.
  6. Alright, time to participate. I made this in 2016 with Gmod, t'was test, how is it ?
  7. A parody of the classic parody of an ad for Big Bill Hell's Cars re-imagined in Source Film Maker. Submitted by @centersolace.
  8. Spocktians brings back a classic.
  9. Remember when Valve finally added scaling to SFM?
  10. This is the Gmod Collaboration Collab, where Gmodders were randomly assigned a partner and tasked with making a video together.
  11. Sick of playing Half Life the same way over and over again, GMan decides to change the rules! Now Gordon must complete each level in under 2 minutes or he'll be sent back to the begining! What could possibly go wrong?
  12. Yeah, I have no idea why Youtube wants to be more and more like cable when cable is a dying medium and likely has less than ten years left.
  13. Ah, YouTube being terrible again. I wish I was more surprised but it's been a trend. Before long YT will be sanitized to a point where it's no better than legacy media cable tv.
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