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  2. CrazyScoutFIN has really improved a lot.
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  4. In this Source Filmmaker (SFM) machinima, we explore the consequences of this new disease known as Coronavirus or CONVID19. As we know, it originated in China, Wuhan amidst the wet markets of endless meat. From there came the flu-like symptoms which targeted mainly weak people with respitory and heart problems. Now the whole world is under the yoke of this flu terror, this official pandemic, but we must stay strong and persevere without giving this virus any chances. Do not fall into panic, hysteria or unlawfulness, as following such behaviour will only pull us back from the progress we were already making. This is the era of a hard tribulation, which will leave its mark upon ourselves. But it will not mark is in weakness, it will be the scar of fortitude and the undying human spirit!
  5. In this Source Filmmaker (SFM) machinima, we delve into the characteristics and functions of the office chair and chairs in general. Usually we’d just go to the ikea chairs and take whatever looks and probably feels good for the short amount of sitting. But desk chairs are a breed which need research and knowledge about, otherwise you’d be stuck with a spine cruncher which would take your life away from the tail to the cranium. John found himself unable to continue with his frustrated trash of a chair, so he finally did the right choice and gave way to the decision of buying a new one, as second hand just didn’t ring to well with him with such an important decision.
  6. Genre: Machinima, Sci-Fi, Drama Engine: GoldSrc Series Description: Enter the mind of Dr. Kim Sora, a Theoretical Physicist at Black Mesa. Creator: PepperThePepperlicious https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXiXtZvn1PdrVB74i7Be50w
  7. In this Source Filmmaker machinima we get to understand the parts of a book, but first we need to know how the printing press came to be and the methods writers used in the past far away. There wasn’t any paper back then, and the only items of writing were strange paints, parchments, skins and whatever else. There was no printing of books, as they were done by hand in the lifetimes of many. So when Gutenberg came with his invention in Europe, he revolutionized the whole process of printing, creating the first-printed Guggenheim Bible, until he realized he lacked education and awareness with money. Basic parts of book are those that constitute it, and finding how the binding works and what are the main elements of creation, is something you will only find here: on Interdex.
  8. In the burning mists and ash of the Clone Wars, a thousand deeds of bravery and butchery play out each day. It might look like just a normal beep-boop march, but the apathy and calculating sanity all those droids possess is something far more chilling than any Sith Lord. The droid army marches upon iron boots, the CIS pushing their attack against the clones, a patrol towards the front lines of city combat.
  9. The God of GMOD has graced us with his presence once again.
  10. The flamethrower, or otherwise spelt flame thrower, is a sophisticated weapon working mainly on trigger mechanisms and nitrogen pressure, which in turn spurts out of the nostril the liquid to-be-combusted flames of napalm. John found himself inseparable from his trustworthy M2 flamethrower, which somehow found itself in his possession after the war. He’d usually clear bunkers and trenches with its short bursts, but in the day of peace he has to somehow find coping mechanisms with the tranquility and boredom of the world around him. One would say of Interdex’s similarity to Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, but how can that be when Marvin the Paranoid Android isn’t present, mmm? But the better question would be if he can find sanity and normality in this ‘wrong’ world.
    I like how this highlights the big issue this society has but is to stupid to fix.
    Good GOD! I hate this so much! its an amalgamation of everything that isn't funny about random humor! And how is it so popular!? Its like if this review was just sergfsuegbveiesfdgdfsvjggksdhksdghidkhgfsdkhfvhkdfs instead of what I'm writing now.
    I liked the first few episodes but to me the concept wears very thin and gets old fast
  11. A machinima I worked on for 2 days, there are more on my channel!

  12. Just joined Gorilla Gong, I am very late but hopefully I will be able to spread my machinima content.

  13. This is a SFM (Source Filmmaker) music video of "Freeman You Fool!", music which was created by the youtuber Vandoorea. Set in Half Life's Black Mesa, Gordon Freeman is on his first official working day in the Black Mesa research facility. His expectations about science and knowledge: broken.
  14. New episode. Back to basic for this one.
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