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  2. Holy crap you've been busy since I've been gone, I will get things updated here soon. School has been killing me. I need to add the latest FM episode as well. Thanks for your help man.
  3. Earlier
    This series was right next to Freeman's Mind (and Shepard's Mind) as my favorite episodic series of videos.
  4. The Heavy is Dead! But who killed him?
  5. Sniper dreams about cheese.
  6. The finale we've all been waiting for.
    A well-executed sequel to one of the longest-running Machinima series on YouTube. Stellar writing, stellar production. All-around a good interpretation of the mind of Gordon Freeman. Releases are, however, very slow.
  7. The First, The Only ,COMMENTOOOOOOOOOO foundya thru )DasBoSchitt( old 2014 vid
  8. How did we not have this one yet.
  9. Miles Demorales is the best spiderman!
  10. Because nothing is cuter than little trains... :3
  11. Not really machinima, but related. Youtube hasn't been very nice to Bor Machine. 😞
  12. It's fine let me know how they look or if they need to be reuploaded
  13. I totally dropped the ball on this, I will get these uploaded sometime today. Thanks again for re-uploading all of these.
  14. The Britain

    The Guy

    Our own @Albert788 created an impressively long GMod machinima about an incredibly violent dude called "The Guy". It has custom voice acting and, more importantly, doesn't have the wacky GMod/SFM face explosions and other reactions that kill so many machinima. I couldn't decide whether to place this under action or comedy. The choice of music was well selected, but the audio production could use a little work. The 4th wall breaking was a little bit much, but not a bad watch.
  15. SFM Action/Comedy made by me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9bE1cyUFp4
  16. New episode. I don't know what to say really.
  17. Actually I might need to reupload them because of video quality reasons. Let me know how they look when you add them.
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