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[MUSIC] Defunct Project: D.Rattmann

Doctor Rattman... the only human ally of Chell? This is a neat music video. It shows an alternative version of the Portal ...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
[QUICKIE] Five Fnafs at Fnafy's

Heavy can do this! A bit different look on a famous horror game. I really like the mood of this machinima, direction and m...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Batman: Batman Begins

See the Batman Halo deserves! A funny comedy about the world of Halo from Batman's perspective. Created by Seriously...

selected by : Ross Scott

Texan Space Program

The new, "awesome" space program! This machinima is kina of special. Some Gmod esthetics mixed with a pretty ab...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 4:56
Hey, Shipwreck: The Eighth Episode

This one will be hit or miss with people. It's two sailors from the future standing around and complaining about the Na...

selected by : Ross Scott
Length - 5:7
The Overhealer

Medic... Healer... Overhealer! Witness his unlimited (and maybe slightly dangerous) power! Created by <a href="...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 1:36
[QUICKIE] Manliest Weapon

Scout is trying to be "manly"! This is one of these masterpiece machinima shorts. Even dialogues sound very real...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - n/a
Demoman's Pointless Quest

It doesn't have to make sense to be entertaining ;) Created by <a href="

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 1:4
[QUICKIE] Freedom

Do you know "The Stanley Parable"? Yes or no, this machinima will give you some mindblowing insight on poor Sta...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 1:13
[QUICKIE] Assassin Villager

A Minecraft Villager is not who you think... This made me look at these mumbling creatures a bit different. A high-quality...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 1:14
Gamma Squad Out Ep10 - The Higher You Go

"The higher you go, the funnier it is when you fall." A group investigating alien invasion, (with an actually he...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 3:31
Meet the Pro Action Spy

This Spy will kick your ass! An amazing machinima with even more amazing action sequences. Something you see rarely. Or ra...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 5:9

A young woman with... interesting past wants to find a new life... ...but there are some problems on the way. This is ...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 5:37
The Adventures of Ledo and Ix - The Dramatic...

Ever felt like something's wrong with your family? The 7th episode of a rather peculiar and very-well written adventu...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 4:5

Something dark happened here... Another example of <a href="

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 1:59
A Strange Encounter

The enemy team has been very quiet for months... Heavy needs to investigate. This is a good suspense machinima. Half-Life ...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 1:57

"An angry dictator. A mother's love. A boy's potential. Penance follows a man as he comes to terms with his fi...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 19:23

Ever got curious about Minecraft's "residents"? This is a nice little video that gives you an unforgettable...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 6:9
The Road: Episode Three

"The man remembers his journey on the road, and his losses." Another episode of an awesome machinima in Fallout ...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 5:46