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[QUICKIE] Where is our Nigbone?

Nigbone explains his recent hiatus in an exclusive interview! WARNING - This language is not safe for work. You have been ...

selected by : The Britain
[QUICKIE] The Adventures of Heavy: The Inter...

Start an adventure and decide what happens to Heavy... This is more as something special than an actual story to watch. An...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Silent Hills [P.T.]

A fan-made trailer! This is a good job and something to give you creeps if you haven't woken up yet ;) Pacing and ...

selected by : Mrs. Shark

Why People Pick the Sniper in TF2

"aka: what TF2 snipers think they are doing" This machinima shows the gloriuos work of Sniper of TF2!...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 6:27
Bad Luck

Now... that's some bad luck! This is a very good Minecraft animation, with a bit silly-cartoonish idea, but it works ...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 1:21
BTV- RawrCat

The amazing RawrCat in action again! Doesn't matter you have no idea who it is... the absurd humor of this machinima ...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 1:58
[QUICKIE] Creating a World

Hold on! The New World is about to commence! A spectacular Minecraft animation! I really like the idea and music used he...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 1:30
Artificial Intelligence

How the world can handle a self-aware AI? A high quality machinima, both moving and with enough action. Really impressive ...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 6:2
[MUSIC] Bright Eyes

Chell & Friends in a smooth music video. This is one of these songs that will put you exactly into the Portal mood. Ve...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 5:46
[QUICKIE] Jerk Headcrab

"City 17 didn't have a crime problem until headcrabs moved in. Now you can't even park your airboat in some pa...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - n/a

A suspense war story... seriously good one! This is an example af a very good machinima. I must say that camera work and a...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 3:24
[MUSIC] Batman Goes Downtown

Batman will never be the same again... What can I say? This video is brilliant! *-* Created by <a href="...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 1:7
[QUICKIE] Saxxy Aftermath

You didn't win the prize this time? What can you do? This short and moving machinima shows us an inner drama resulted...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 1:16
Happy Valentine's Day!

People say that love is blind... For all the couples and singles out there, a little sad but heart-warming story... A ma...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - n/a

Now, that's an interesting horror! This is a GMOD parody of a trailer for a movie titled Highland Tower. I must say t...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 1:24
1st Street: May I Borrow Some Sugar?

Vic runs out of sugar and discovers more about his neighbors on his quest to find more. Another quality episode of "1st...

selected by : Ross Scott
Length - 3:3
[QUICKIE] Interstellar Sandvich

A short and pretty sci-fi - awesome machinima. Just right to make you emotional and .... well, the ending is the best! I...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 1:8
Music Disc 11

Do not bring random music discs home... This is a simple but good machinima. There is tension, there are nice visuals and ...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 3:5
Cell-Ops: A Night in Hell

"A government spy is on his first assignment; to retrieve important intel from a terrorist agency. Will it be like an ...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 9:52