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An Unpredictable Ending

You're looking for a good trip? Watch this... A well done and completely abstract machinima. It's hard to say wh...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
The Game Plan

A group of mercenaries forced to take action! One of the mates was really naughty, so now they have to fix the situation. ...

selected by : Mrs. Shark

Smooth action and the Spy! This is one of these machinimas that keep your attention from the beginning to the end. It'...

selected by : Mrs. Shark

[QUICKIE] Stylish Antiterror

"Usual day of the Counter-Terrorist." As the creator said... I can only add that it's neither usual and may...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 1:1
Blizzard Hellbat Informercial

A mock infomercial on the Hellbat unit for Starcraft 2. A highly polished video filmed within Starcraft 2. While the voice ...

selected by : Ross Scott
Length - 3:23
Beta is Beta

Always remember to report any bugs you find in your game! This is a good and funny machinima showing the "adventures&...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 3:56
[MUSIC] Brave as a Noun

A nice, funny music video with expressive animation. The song is really... interesting.I think Scout's demeanor pres...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 1:29
Mean Green Menace from Space

Another Saxxy 2014 contender, this TF2 meets Serious Sam crossover does not suffer from a lack of action. The animation is...

selected by : The Britain
Length - 5:0
[QUCKIE] Alien Fortress

It was bound to happen! All the ingredients were there! A quirky little quickie machinima, brought to you by <a href=&q...

selected by : The Britain
Length - n/a

Who likes T-Rex? HWNT likes T-Rex! He does, he does, he do-es. While this machinima needs volume balancing, and I am pret...

selected by : The Britain
Length - 2:21

The follow up to "BACK IN TIME PART 1" featuring SkyDoesMinecraft. If you haven't seen part one yet, <a ...

selected by : The Britain
Length - 4:51
Cover Me, I'm Reloading

While this machinima is not technically advanced as some others featured here, it definitely has a certain something. The ...

selected by : The Britain
Length - 3:0
[MUSIC] Your Door Was Locked!

A fantastic little wintertime musical, and just in time. The temperature here today was around 8f. Another great Minecraft...

selected by : The Britain
Length - 2:31
SMITE Machinima - Episode 1

A new old style machinima rehashing the new old gods. This SMITE machinima series is very similar to what you would see from ...

selected by : The Britain
Length - 2:33
Stick By Me

An adorable animation, staring the most unlikely pair. Everything from the choice of music and subject, to the mastery of ...

selected by : The Britain
Length - 2:39
Hitman: Halloween

A fantastic blending of real life and video game characterchure. Besides a few anomalies with the one voice actor's s...

selected by : The Britain
Length - 3:42

This machinima is almost constructed in the style of a PSA, and set a good example of what machinima can be (outside of rando...

selected by : The Britain
Length - 3:6
Blockemon! - [NSFW Language]

The consistent voice acting and volume balancing, mixed with the competent editing really emphasizes this machinima's ab...

selected by : The Britain
Length - 3:43

Wow, where do I begin? I didn't expect this to actually be good... A machinima makes a strong case when it is captiva...

selected by : The Britain
Length - 4:1