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[QUICKIE] Black Hole

This one is fast and effective. We don't see too many great space effects in machinimas. And I personally never seen ...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
[MUSIC] Robots

This is how the robots will rule the world! Or at least you could hope for something like that? It is a well done machin...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
How to Rig a Pet Battle

Pokemon!... oh, not exactly... Something more realistic! This is a nicely directed and voiced story on rigging a pet battl...

selected by : Mrs. Shark


The formation of the alliance to fight the squid menance! With a twist! The audio balancing is great, and the voice acting...

selected by : The Britain
Length - 5:16
[QUICKIE] Free Hats

Free hats! It can't be a scam... This is a great, short machinima with smooth action. I especially liked the camera w...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 1:5
Infiltration Man

The infiltration man is here... A not too serious project... according to the creator. Maybe not serious, but it has a nic...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 4:1
Sorry is Not Enough Ep. 1: My Worst Foot For...

Justice and forgiveness... Watch and learn the story of a black ops soldier looking for one of these. This is nicely done...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 5:9
One Road City: The Prisoner

Two neighbors in Minecraft find a secret room and uncover more mysteries. The video is overall well directed and has some hu...

selected by : Ross Scott
Length - 4:17
The Dark Roleplay: In The Larger Scheme of T...

The next episode of The Dark Roleplay! This is a continuation of a series about a man exploring the world roleplaying in Gar...

selected by : Ross Scott
Length - 9:39
8-Bit Philosophy: Do We Enjoy Being Free?

Existentialism explained by Final Fantasy! While not technically a machinima, the production quality on this series is prett...

selected by : Ross Scott
Length - 3:11
[QUICKIE] Marketing Pose

Heavy, the most handsome one in the Team! Something quick and stylish to watch... in the end, can you imagine him doing an...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - n/a
Red Rum

"A lovely family sitcom gone terribly wrong!" Nothing more to say, what the author said! This is a special machi...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - 1:56
The Adventures of Ledo and Ix - Meeting Anot...

The eighth and final episode in the Ledo and Ix saga pokes fun at the repetitive nature of their quest, and they deal with a ...

selected by : Bendo
Length - 4:3
Infection Z: Westside Mothaf*cka!

Another episode of Infection: Z! As usualy, the production value is very high for a Day Z machinima. One thing I found funny...

selected by : Ross Scott
Length - 9:24
Search and Destroy: Episode 1

Modern Warfare machinima! A squad of soldiers try to accomplish their mission the best they can. This definitely has a feel...

selected by : Ross Scott
Length - 4:35
Grand Theft Fortress

"We catch Soldier in the middle of his daily routine actively working towards coming closer to the American dream."...

selected by : Doc_Fisherman
Length - 3:22
Stop, Rewind

"A convicted murderer is given a second chance when he's recruited as a test subject for an experimental machine.&q...

selected by : Doc_Fisherman
Length - 7:40
Live and Let Spy

"As things go wrong and the BLU team's diabolical plan is revealed, will RED have what it takes to survive? Of cour...

selected by : Bendo
Length - 21:9
[QUICKIE] Armored Machine

The giant robot attacks! In the one and only, Asian style. This is a pretty good action sequence. It will make you want t...

selected by : Mrs. Shark
Length - n/a